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A light-hearted, slice-of-life story which in light novel terms roughly translates to "My Colleague Looks Exactly Like My Favourite Cat Idol But I’m Too Nervous To Approach Her So I’ll Just Watch From Afar".


New at Cali Co, Kathie is surprised to find that her office deskmate, Melina, bears a striking resemblance to her favourite energetic cat idol, Melty Kitty.

Then, much to Kathie’s astonishment and nervous heartMelina mysteriously grows cat ears and a tail in one night of overtime work!

But wait, is it just her, or has cat-Melina somehow become more...brazen?

And so, a long night of shenanigans ensues.


This is a silly concept I came up with for #overtimecats that I might have been overly indulgent with haha. I intended it to be a short read and it was fun getting to draw too. Hope you enjoy~!

[PDF contains 5 pages of fluffiness!]


Melty Kitty Short Story.pdf 371 kB

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