Kaja wants to play paper fortune telling with friends!! However...

  • Talk with the characters fully for the whole (short) story!

Apparently while thinking of ideas for the Tarot jam I got reminded of the nostalgic flip-flapping paper game I played with other kids back then. I was surprised to find out that it was an actual thing (with different names even) that people around the world make and play, not just some random creative fad by a nine-year-old...

Oh well, hope you enjoy my first Bitsy game haha I still have a lot to learn and practice for Bitsy!


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ah this is so sweet, I'm glad that it had a happy ending! :D


It's a very sweet and charming game! It really does bring back a lot of old memories of fortunes and fads and playground antics. It's a really great jam entry!


aww thank you for the lovely comments! i’m happy my little game could do that for you haha


ohhhhhhh my gosh this is so darling!!!!!! i loved making paper fortune tellers as a kid!!!! 💖💖💖


yayyyy i'm glad to have a companion in paper fortune telling hahaha thank youuu for playing Kaja!! <3


This was SO cute! Hope to see more games from you!

thank you!! it means a lot hehe ^-^