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I liked playing your game, thank you! That's very cute how the character go back to emotions with the help of a kind person to cheer her up, and food! I think you describe these emotions very well! "how do you smile at someone again" :) I have the same problem sometimes.

I liked the color progression too, it work well with telling the character's emotions. (I was still hoping a big flashy pink for when the two person meet again, or kiss, become friends, something like that, my bad.)

Would you like to add music to your game, or you prefer to keep it like that?

If found out some typos if you want to know:

- "I noticed that there [are] no other customer besides me" It's just after the girl told about aromatherapy.

- "I wanted [to] talk?" It's just before the 2nd visit to the ice cream shop.

Thank you so much for your comments! I'm really happy that you enjoyed playing and could relate to it! Makes actually finishing the game worth it ^-^

I'm glad you like them to be together or meet again haha, I did think of such a fairy tale-like ending for them but I decided to go for a more real approach cos it's life and they're still kinda strangers, but who knows ;)

As for music,  since the main character frequently goes through different moods, I initially thought it might be jarring to switch between various tones of music so quickly, but thanks for your consideration! I might add music if I find any suitable ones haha

Thank you for your help with finding the typos! I really appreciate it! Also, is it too late to ask which ice cream flavour you chose?

I, thanks for answering me!

Yeah, I would have loved a happy ending because I like dreaming, but I totally understand the will to make a more realistic story, and I find that cool.

I'm wondering, is it your first game?

Oh yes, I didn't think about the complexity of having different tones. I'm asking, because if you would like, I could try to do something simple with small variations, with a guitar or my laptop? I'm not very experienced I just do small things, but I would love to give it a try since it's a short game. You can listen to my and tell me if you are interested.

Oh, not too late to ask, I chose the lavender flavour but that's not my favorite, I prefer the caramel.

Thanks! I would say that this is my first completed Twine game haha

That's so awesome that you create your own music! I've listened to your soundcloud and your tracks remind me of retro pixel games which is very cool! It would be wonderful to hear your tunes for the story, maybe guitar might complement but it's up to you! Thank you for reaching out ^^

Well congratulations for finishing a first game, that's not easy. I just saw you uploaded something new, rad!

Ok, I though using the guitar too. I'll come back to you later when I have something to show you.